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Services and Rates

Bay Breeze Massage specializes in Heated Stone Massage, but offers other massage techniques as well.  All the modalities can be blended for a customized session.

**All treatments include your choice of: exfoliation, aromatherapy,
OR salt scrubs for hands or feet. **

Heated Stone Massage

Absolutely the ultimate relaxation and stress reduction treatment! Imagine a full body massage with expertly heated stones in my highly skilled hands. This technique literally will melt away all your aches and pains and will induce a calming state of mind.
90 Minutes - $90

Deep Tissue Sculpting

Penetrating yet nonintrusive, this type of massage has proven to be reliable in releasing soft tissue tension and pain associated with stress, overexertion, and some injuries. Think of your body as clay and me as a sculptor.
1 Hour - $60
90 Minutes - $90

Circulatory- (also known as Swedish Massage)

The art of treating the body by using techniques such as rubbing and kneading to stimulate circulation, increase suppleness, and relieve tension. Oil or lotion is applied so that long flowing strokes can be used without causing friction to the skin. It increases circulation in the area being worked, opens congested/stagnant areas and reorganizes and restores shortened muscle tissue.
1 Hour - $60
90 Minutes - $90

Sensory Repatterning - (also known as Passive Joint Movement)

This method of bodywork recognizes and works with the client's unique body rhythm. It explores the natural movement of each individual by using rhythmic rocking, cradling, and gentle exploration of range of motion. It is deeply relaxing, meditative, and reminds the  body of its potential for freedom of movement.
1 Hour - $60
90 Minutes - $90


Essential oils are one of the great untapped resources of the world. The concentrated essences of various flowers, fruits, herbs, and plants have been used for centuries all over the world, but in modern times we have forgotten the power of these ancient medicines of the earth. At Bay Breeze Massage, you will experience the beauty of aromatherapy on a mental, emotional, physical, or esthetic level.

Below are examples of some of the aromatherapy selections provided at Bay Breeze Massage and their benefits:

        Lavender: Calming                        Geranium: Comforting

        Rosemary: Stimulating                   Lemongrass: Inspiring

        Eucalyptus: Exhilarating                  Grapefruit: Joyful

        Peppermint: Cooling                      Sweet Orange: Brightening

        Wild Marjoram: Warming                Tangerine: Cheering 




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